Friday, March 21, 2008

white valentine's day

white valntie's day..its last week friday..hah..sry now then write about it..

prepared something fr her this week..but only put itinto action on thursday nite..spent the whole week thinking of something special and i thought y not "this"

wel. wnt of to met my frens at marin square at 12. i was late lahx..they ate i lazy eat as they eat half way le..haha..then saw the pool pricing... $10 per hour!!! WTH!! so ex considering pool to bowl..but i wanna pool..anyway..went ot buy ticket first..spent 45min trying to figure wat movie should we watch..i cant watch step up cause watching with some1 later if they watch other movie..i can..haha..but in the end they watch horton at 2plus...haha..but i ended up not watching with them as i wanna watch step up at 4.45 with her..haha..

so again discussing to play pool or bowl.. this 1 faster...every1 in the end decide to play pool...haha.. i was one of the better players..yeah!! thx to months of playing with my beloved frens!!!haha.. training and playing tgth then was fun...miss those days..hope we can do that often again during the holidays..or even weekends..

well of course there's some more pro players then me..both johnathan are pro players..matthias also... and of course me cool lahxx.. play and play and play..after 2 hours.. i parted with them..go play lan at IRC first..then meet up with step up..

very nice!! the dance step so cool..the lame explosion handshake also..haha..the last part is the best sia..ultra cool..

thought step up was all about dancing only..never thought its has a story line..haha..kinda nice..the story..but i like the intro part cool lahxx..dancing in the train..haha..awesome! oh wow! like totally freak us out i say right now!! clap clap! haha..okok.. Orientation mood over le......

enjoyed the whole cinema experience with her..alone....hahahaha...who wouldnt!

then went off to eat jack's place..she didnt know that it was very ended up ordering the cheapest 1...10$ de... baked rice..haha..quite nice lahxx..she put alot of tomato sauce ontop lahxx!! i was like wats she doing! follow her..put chilli sauce..haha..

thenn walked around..go padang there..sit down chit chat.. then sent her home..did something dumb then..haha..but it all turns out fine..

glad u find it sweet and liked it..^ ^.. if not i will be so sianed diao and never gonna do this kind of thing again..still "that" wasnt the reaction i was looking know what i want dont you..haha...okok..c you tom ok.

school days

well.. i didnt really do any homewrok during the holidays..haha..cause i did it way before already!! muahaha..yeah..enjoyed the first week of the term.. and may be the second week too..after that need study le..sigh..still wanna play my Cabal and go out with her..TT

well.. didnt have much chance to go out with her le..she need to study too..
anyway.. PW question wasnt that great..Journey and modernisation.. so general and hard to be creative..but i have decided on Journey as y PI..yes!! got idea le..thx to City Harvest..haha..gimme the inspiration..thx man.. praise the lord!

yupp cabal character: force blader lvl 39.. yes...meetin my goal for the week time to meet next week goal.. lvl 45 and regular rank 40

first few times that i really went out late.. yesterday also.. went very late to c her..haha..and was spotted by many NY ppl..she was lik screaming lik mad lahx..haha..and something funny happened lahxx..hahaha..lucky didnt happen to us...haha..if not she sure suicide liao..

well tom easter service..really wanted all of u to come to experience the drama performance lehxx..its very nice..chmel been telling me all about it since the day i joined CHC..missed the christmas really need to go fr this least 1..yes!! Pynx is going with me so far..wanted to ask Kao,ling Prae to go..all the thais..haha..and some other scholars..hui hui and Yi seng also..but dunno they wanna go anot..well..try asking later..

okok..cant think of anything spevial to write..forget le...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1 week holiday

wanted to wirte about level camp and orientation.. but lazy lahxx..haha..srysry

level camp only the finale fun lahx..haha..need to pass the whole team members through a over hanging tunnel made of ropes.. if touch any of the structure.. need go out of the hall with ur props..and come in fun lahxx..we managed to pass 7 ppl only..haha..good enough lahx

disco dance lahxx..but not in the least danced more then O1. haha..
danced with her a bit in disco nite..and danced all the way with her fr mass dance..yeah.. danced trad dance with her..^ ^

okok.. the 1 week holiday..busy going out with her..have CT outing and busy playing my new MMORPG CABAL!! very fun!! lvl 31 now..gonna go at least 1 lvl / hr till lvl 40..yeah...playing now ok...

not been to chruch lately..sigh..but im sure i will go fr easter service..yeah!! and i would like to ask all of u to go!!! okok!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A day to rememeber

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Orientation 2.. water games.. so fun.. yet so wet..well.. but thats not the whole point

(its in Bahasa. so avoid it if u dunno)

OMG.. again, like always, antar dia pulang ke hostel.and again. dia keliatan orang yang dia kenal, langsung lari..haha..kabur dari cctv juga..haha.. acs terlalu banyak cctv des..acs suck... so.. pergi ke tempat yang nga ada cctv..di samping gereja..haha..
so.. after a few hours.. kira kira sekitar the temptation untuk mengucapkan omong omong itu dalam thai..i asked Prae how to say it on wed nite..haha..bit scheming.. ngak berani bilang..too shy..tapi..told myself saya bisa melakukanya.ngak usah takut..ada Jesus di samping saya(gereja).jadi.. a few minutes later.. said this : Kun ja pen fan pom mai. dia terkejut..haha.. gua kira dia mensignal saya untuk membilangnya lehx..but..dia answered okay.. giliran gua terkejut! too used to di tolak sama cewek.. but very happy.. tapi ngak tawu mustih paka exprssi yang manah deh..akward banget..haha...still pertama kali saya propose face to face.. biasanya si pake sms.. just 3 mingu saya know dia..dan from that day onwards.. kita sudah pacaran.. i really hope it will last fr eternity.. saya cinta kamu..........

setiap hari..after gua mengenal dan jatuh cinta pada dia..gua terus pray pada Jesus that saya bisa mendapatkan dia..bisa berikan dia happiness..dan on that day.. Jesus still remained faithfull..terus di samping saya..memberikan gua tenaga dan faith.. so its not coeincidence that saya mengucapkan proposal say di samping gereja..haha.. chan luck ter..

thats all.. then went home at 11 plus..haha..talked with her for e few more hours..

a memorable day indeed

sry i forget/dunno that 14march is white valentines..hope can go out wit u on that day

Monday, February 25, 2008


yupp.. NYJC...
still making new frens.. many many more!! met another Thai scholar, Prae. like Pynx, her thai name very long..i cant remember......haha..

thenn made a fascinating discovery.Malvina, the chio bu that Kwl and Kth and Marc been ranting about is Yie Sing's classmate and fren lahx.. wat coiencidence..haha

then met some more ppl frm Xin min.. Jasmine... Yong Le.. have two more but 4get their fren;s list is growin!!..yeah!!

3.30hr break.. so did Hw in The Drum..haha.. after that, accompany pynx wait fr CCA at did chem hw tgth with Prae and yie sing..haha..went home at 7.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kyaw and Peiyi

their bday was on the 22nd..but didnt get to celebrate celebrated today..skipped SCV (trully sorry) and went to meet them at 11.40 fr pool..after that.. went to Pepper Lunch to eat..i no had only ice cream fr lunch.. planned the usual "b'day cake suprise" after we ate finish..haha..should have taken a few pictures...but didnt..awww

after that..went to watch L, Changes The World.. was so cool..haha..funny at times...over all..its great..the first last15 days of L was so fast lahx..but realistic enough..but was hoping they put some more actions during that few days..more exciting!! i like the plot, though its a bit some cartoon story lik that.. an evil villian wanna release a virus that would kill the entire population fr the future eutopia..(oops. Spoiler Alert!). kinda like Heroes Season 2. haha..(double spoiler!).. still.. i like it!! waited fr the extra scene after the credits. this is wat we got: L getting out of his chair.. followed by: L Lauweit Rest in Peace...hahha..waited so long jus fr this lahx..iyo...but at least there's still a last movies with it..haha

after that went home.. and i did hw fr the first time in 2 weeks!.haha

yesterday was great..but a few ppl didnt come.. bernadet cant make it cause of the OGL WS.. Chun Leong also cant!! Pynx also!! sad..was expecting her... and of course the rest of the OGL to come..haha..hope for the Chalet, if there is 1, they will come! yeah!!

learned a few tricks.(thx nick). so gonna show it to frens tom during the long 3.30hr break..sianed..think i go play pool bahxx..haha..c first!!.

got 4H2 combi! PCME. gonna be though..but well, im prepared fr this..if im eligible fr chem H3, then i will demote my Econs to H1.. hope im eligible fr scholarship too!! so.. fellow competitors/scholars. dun score too well ok.hahahha...

school again tom!!
9 more days to orientation!